I create mixed media paintings that are heavily inspired by my local landscape, especially the changing environment in which I live and work. Throughout my life, I’ve resided among lakes and prairie on the cusp of expanding suburban sprawl. My commute home is increasingly filled with the redevelopment of farmland and demolition of old, rural structures. Across the country, real estate listings consistently advertise outdated houses and outbuildings as “tear down” opportunities for new development, reminding us how easy it is for growing societies to focus on “here and now” trends. Upon closer consideration, these isolated structures and landscapes hold the energy of countless memories, histories, and practices. My work aims to pay homage to these decaying, imperfect pieces of the past and invites viewers to connect with the more quiet, antiquated components of their surroundings. 

I incorporate a variety of vintage maps into the middle-ground of my paintings via an acrylic image-transfer method. While the charts within some of my landscape paintings relate to the location of the painted imagery, my most recent series integrates 18th - 19th century star charts amidst weathered buildings - a more general nod to structures that have succumbed to forces larger than themselves after serving decades of functionality. This mixed media process and the inclusion of graphic imagery among multiple layers of paint allows me to build depth within my pieces while playing with composition and space. I often work from several photographic references for each painting, combining multiple components to create a contemplative and relatable space that lies somewhere between real and imagined environment.