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My paintings represent the relationships that exist between place, memory, and the passing of time. Within my pieces, I aim to create a meditative space for the viewer to pause and reflect on their connections between location and memory. As a Minnesota native, much of my visual inspiration comes from familiar, local bodies of water as well as my travels to Lake Superior and the east and west coasts. Across series of work, I am interested in capturing the dualistic qualities of water, ranging from a calming and tranquil element to a humbling, powerful force. I incorporate a variety of regional, celestial, and historical maps and documents within my paintings as a nod to the enduring, permanent presence of water within our individual and collective experiences. I enjoy the challenge associated with pairing calculated, graphic imagery with organic, hand-painted brushstrokes and carefully consider placement and opacity so that one component does not overpower the other. My artmaking process is methodical and largely introspective, and my hope is that my finished work may act as “portholes” or catalysts of sorts, transporting viewers back to past moments and emotions previously encountered.

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