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"Shelter and Place" represents a collection of over 40 original, mixed media paintings that I created between March and December, 2020. They are housed at Nahcotta Gallery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and will be on display during January, 2021. If you are interested in purchasing any work from this series, click here

Artist Statement: “Shelter and Place” is a collection of over 40 mixed media paintings that Christina created during March through December, 2020. Like so many others during the pandemic, Christina found herself spending less time with her family, students, and artistic community, and more time staring out her studio window, wondering how world events would unfold. While the imagery within this body of work varies, each piece provides an isolated, naturally-inspired space, paired with vintage celestial/geographic maps to indicate the passing of time. The myriad of structures within her paintings run the gamut from weathered to “put together”, similar to our perceptions of self as we experience events out of our control. Inspired by her travels during years past, Christina’s landscapes and seascapes provide a quiet, meditative escape from the present.

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